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22 days ago, 5704 views
Category: 30 | Handjobs
Description: I met this sexy foreign guy, could barely speak a word of english but he spoke the universal language as you can see in the video @bbcmiami11


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bbcmiami - 1321 days ago
you are really energized today @vic5624 !!! LOL that was a montage I made from the gopro quik app of a sexy guy I picked up at a gas station! can you believe it?

vic5624 - 1321 days ago
Man, I believe in my heart that a dude will bust a nutt with another dude if there is mutual trust and attraction between them, even if one of them identifies as str8. Toni Morrison, the writer, wrote through a book character, a female at that, she wrote, "Don't nobody love a Black man like another Black man. White men talk about leaving society and going away to sit atop mountains all by themselves. But Black men? They can't stand to be away from each other not even for a minute." She wasn't talking about sexual relations, of course, but who said that can't be one of the many underlying factors to explain why dudes who you wouldn't expect to get down, will get down? Ok. Let me chill. I done read too much into this video, lol.


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