STOP CATFISHING ME , His Accent Is Beautiful

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BLKDOMTOP2 - 1794 days ago
I don't know who he is BUT, when you post your "life" on social media and you're half naked and showing out - there's bound to be admirers and the other class of lurkers who follow in that crowd. If he's so concerned about being hacked into, then he should invest in a good anti-virus software and anti-hacking program or something. And learn how to navigate his accounts without connecting them to one another for example, almost everybody with multiple profiles, loves to include each of their profile addresses on each page - STOP DOING THAT. If I'm on your Tumblr page, don't send out your contact info for your IG and Twitter profile and definitely don't USE SIMILAR NAMES on all of your accounts. I have a different email for all of my profiles and none of them are the same name. I can tell you I'm on multiple websites, but you'll never connect who I am on those sites. And my anti-virus and blockers go hard.


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