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  616 views · 2364 days ago

hey peeps I am a vers bottom looking for those brutha out there that like to get real freaky for the cam. I am looking for that one to that will have me moaning like a little bitch and give me that dick good so if you feel that you can do that hit me back with a a message and lets do the damn thing I have the lube the condom if you want it come get it I have a nice tight fat sss and am ready balls in you court

  670 views · 2807 days ago

hey i enjoy sucking a big dick but if you can talk dirty to me and fuck me while the dick is deep inside this tigh hole and bust that nut deep inside me that fucking drive me while so if you think you got what it take come at me and dont be shy i can get aliitle freaky at times so beware

  682 views · 2886 days ago

hey peeps really interested in meeting new peeps and maybe more depending on how the chemistry goes any i well you can read my stats but i like talot of things mostly i like the meat suckings it or feeling it deep inside

  1069 views · 2886 days ago

far to long have i gone with out getting some nice long hard dick ;its not that i havent looked its just that i cant seem to find any i love the oral thing and even more likes to feel the meat deep inside this tight hole and when you grind the meat inside deep that shit turns me on and makes me wanna call you daddy hell if the meat is big and hits it just right damn i can go all night but that would be up to that person i like to feel it when it sceats and throbs inside damn that shit be feelin good so you tell me people what are your thoughts on the matter

  309 views · 2889 days ago

today was a good day. not to wierd only thing that happen today was i really thought about something someone once said to me about a co worker likeing me not sure what the hell that meant but as i though about it i thought what if it was them that liked me instead of someone else and they just didnt know how to approach me with it sure i know im grasping at straws but i have to wonder can some one please tell me why is it soo freaking hard for someone to admit that they like someone to me its really not that hard just do it in this day and time yeah i know that there alot of crazies out there but hell who doesnt want to feel loved or even be loved