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BLKDOMTOP2 - 1842 days ago
Here's a question you should ask yourselves before sending me your friend request: Why should I accept your friend request when we both know you just want to watch my private videos, but you don't have any fucking videos uploaded to your account for me to watch in return?

If you can answer that question, send it in a message, along with your request. If your response sounds logical and makes sense, I'll accept your request.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1848 days ago
I'm alarmed at the number of videos popping up on here of young teens who look to be minors. Be careful of what you click on, download, or "like" on here. Some of these J/O vids are of young people.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1857 days ago
So many butts to sniff and eat. So many pairs of feet to tickle and toes to suck on. So many dicks to play with and suck on. Millions of nipples to tease and nibble on..But Only one life time. *le sighhhhh*
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1864 days ago
I think the Raw City Twinks videos are boring and their Tops are selfish, dull and lazy. I also think that if a studio is going to refer to themselves as "Twinks", they should actually have Twinks, instead of these 20-something year-old scrawny, bony, linky grown ass man-boys in their flicks. JMO
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1871 days ago
Seriously tho', what's the point in uploading videos on here if 100 click on it to watch, but only 2 people are actually rating them? And even less than that, are leaving comments?
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1909 days ago
(cont..End)...LIGHT-SKIN and HIGH-YELLOW blacks, typically means the opposite. The term "Red" is derived from the color of the soil/clay mostly found in the earth in the Southern States, but could exist in other regions. Because the "dirt" or "clay" in the earth has such a rich reddish-brown texture, it is commonly known as "Red Clay." Blacks, being as dark as the soil, and in some respects having a "reddish" undertone in natural light, their brown tones often usually resembles the "Red Clay" ergo the term "Redbone." This is not a term that was "meant" for describing "light skin blacks", mixed niggas, half-breeds, "blatinos", yellow-bones, etc.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1909 days ago
- He is too "Fair-skin" (Light) to be a "REDBONE"

- Reddish-Brown men ARE "REDBONES"
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1909 days ago
- Mahogany - toned men are "REDBONES"
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1909 days ago
(cont)....Just think brown-skin blacks with a "reddish" undertone! "Redbones" were commonly even as dark as actress Cicely Tyson, especially if they are native Haitians, Afro-Cubans, Afro-Caribbean, a lot of black Americans with Native American ancestry/blood and those who are just "reddish-brown" (Not high-yellow or light skin), Gold-Coast Africans from Cameroon and Nigeria, etc.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1909 days ago
"Redbones" are not lightskin blacks. "Redbones" are actually darker skinned blacks whose complexions are closer to a Mahogany Wood tone, or "reddish-brown." A lot of you guys are titling your videos using the descriptions "Redbone" for these light-bright, beige, mixed, and Caramel-toned brothas and you don't even realize just how ignorant it makes you look. "Redbones" are not lightskin blacks, they are "RED-BROWNS", like the Native American on the Buffalo Penny and darker.