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BLKDOMTOP2 - 1305 days ago
Honestly - tickling feet, gets me rock hard. Fingering and playing in a brotha's ass, can make me cum, wouldn't need to penetrate him. I love a black man who enjoys having his nipples worked over. I'm a Top, but I absolutely love sucking a black man's dick. Sniffing a sweaty brotha's ass turns me the fuck on. I can get myself off in so many ways with just foreplay alone, as long as you're naked and submissive. Eating butt makes me cum. I prefer to cum inside you, than anywhere else. Hairy asses are better IMO. And yes, I play with you in your sleep if we're dating - I rub my dick on your butt or your feet, I sniff the crack of your ass, I cum on you, etc. And I steal at least one pair of worn drawz and socks so that I can always jack off to the smell of your ass, balls and feet whenever you're not around. lol. I guess I'm a freak.
bootylover843 - 1306 days ago
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1310 days ago
For the life of me I can't understand why there are "racist Latinos" living in America who thinks they are somehow any different than any other "Niggers" living in America? These motherfuckers are actually "Trump Supporters" and far-right extremists and more. They THINK just because they aren't "jet black" that they are NOT considered a person of color. Um, NewsFlash To All Latinos and P.O.C; if yo azz ain't "white" in America, you ain't shit. The proof is in the pudding. The media only covers Latinos and Mexicans when it covers immigrants, drugs, gangs, poverty or crime. You saw how they treated y'all when the hurricane ran through Puerto Rico. I'm tired of these broken-english-speaking Latinos out here being hateful towards other people of color. Grasp this concept Hector, the police are putting your murders on the back-burner just like they do Blacks! They don't care if you ain't white, keep thinking like y'all "special". That "KayneWestSyndrome" gonna get y'all asses extradited!
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1360 days ago
In the late 80's through the early 90's there were even more groups and more singers, like BelBivDevoe, Brian McKnight, Guy, EnVogue, Janet, Silk, Jodeci, Az Yet, BoyzIIMen, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, Lisa-Lisa and Cult Jam, I'm just saying, to name Bobby Brown as some "King of R&B", that is a self-proclaimed title that I feel is undeserving. First of all, a lot of his hits, were meant for Ralph. Secondly, Luther Vandross was more of an R&B King, than Bobby. Bobby's songs were more along the line of Club/Pop/Dance music. He had a few slow love songs that were major hits, but he was mostly a Rhythm artist, than a R&B King. JMO
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1360 days ago
I grew up in Amerikkka, during the 80's and 90's, and I can tell you for a fact that Bobby Brown was not the "King of R&B". Sure he had a few hit songs and albums, but he wasn't the golden boy of R&B. During that era, there were so many entertainers putting out hit records, First of all, in the 80's there were hot Boy Bands or Groups, like Atlantic Star, Troop, and Singers like Luther Vandross, Keith Sweat,.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1363 days ago
One of the reasons a lot of tops enjoy being the Top, is because we love to feel the entire weight of another man straddling us as he bounces up and down on our dick. Yes, I'm talking about "Dick Riders". Sit down on it - ALL THE WAY DOWN ON IT. Put ALL of the dick inside that ass, and the combination of warm, gushy Man-hole + the beautiful site of a naked dude with a hard-on + his entire weight resting on our dicks = the Trifecta of sex.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1379 days ago
I come across so many of my old videos. And the thing about it is, a lot of them still have the same titles that I came up with for them.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1400 days ago
I don't respect Drake as a person or a "rapper" because it is widely known throughout the industry that a lot of his music was stolen from other underground artists and artists that were either trying to come up or not nationally known. One of them being the late young rapper out of Florida who was recently murdered. If you have to steal other people's sound, style, music and literally their SONGS, than you're lame asf imo.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1467 days ago
By the way, always wash your hands THROUGH OUT the day and before you engage in eating or sex. Brush your teeth at least an hour before engaging in sex or kissing. Pathogens that lead to soil-transmitted diseases like Hepatitis A and E, Polio or more, are largely caused by ass-to-mouth and unwashed hands, as well as anything that can transmit the soiled particle to something you come in contact with such as flies landing on your food, or on your utensils, or a bottom who doesn't properly clean themselves before you perform analigus on them. The same can be said of sucking on dirty, unwashed dicks. Pathogens get in your stomach or blood, and cause you to become sick. Wash the dick, wash the ass and wash your hands!
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1467 days ago
There are certain "Fetishes" that can be classified as a Mental Disorder, as long as it fulfills the definition of being a "Disorder." In other words, if your "Fetish" causes you (or has caused you in the past) financial, emotional, social, legal, clinical, distress or caused you to become socially absent in relationships, friendships, caused problems for you at work, school, etc., then technically your "fetish" can be considered a "Mental Disorder." I.E. Scatophliia ( someone who gets pleasure from eating scat) is only a "Mental Disorder" if the above description of a Disorder applies. Same with those of you who are into Piss, Spying, Feet, Cum, Porn. Also, if your desires end up involving the participation of noncensenting individuals, leads to legal complications or interfere with your relationships - it is a MENTAL DISORDER. Check yourselves people.