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BLKDOMTOP2 - 1473 days ago
I'm not a fan of Drake, Khi LaVene, Fame, Odell Beckham Jr., Nikki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Cardi B, Daniel Caesar, any of the Kardashians, Kanye West, the NFL, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Draemond Green, Khiri Irving, Russia, Trump, D'Angelo Jackson, Max Konner, KeptSecret, White Nationalist, Racism, Lee Daniels, Fox News, Don Lemon, Politicians, Republicans and Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Oprah, Mo'Niques Husband, RayJ, Love&HH, Housewives of ?, and most of all, Police. had to get that off my chest!
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1633 days ago
Too many users on here have access to private videos. And the majority of these ppl don't comment or give a rating after watching videos. And, most of these same ppl, either don't have videos uploaded or haven't uploaded a new video in over 200+ days. The only time they rate, is to give a thumbs down. Fucking inbred leeches. Got videos on here with over 100 views but only 3 ppl rating them - AND I'M ONE OF THE 3 PPL THAT RATED IT. THIS IS WHY I KEEP MOST OF MY SHIT PRIVATE and REJECT REQUESTS FROM NO-UPLOADS PROFILES.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1636 days ago
MyVidster is allowing TUmblr Video Pages to be saved...It's free and you can store videos in the storage space cloud they offer. FREE.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1639 days ago
Google Photos App is not the best place to keep vids. The best place to keep vids is on a hard drive. Especially one that can be protected by a password.
goofy - 1639 days ago
The best place to keep your vids is using the google photos app, it's free and unlimited. Vids on any tube site are liable to get deleted for copyright etc, you never know.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1639 days ago
The Administrators of this site needs to stop giving people without uploads, access to private videos. It is unfair to those of us who paricipate by adding content to make this site what it is, to have our content low-rated by people who don't even have content up so that they can be subjected to any ratings in return.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1641 days ago
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1646 days ago
A lot of videos that I upload, are uploaded here so that I can delete them off my computer but still keep track of them.
BLKDOMTOP2 - 1660 days ago
There's NOTHING attractive about a Male Whore in my opinion. If a dude gets around, he is considered "Community Property"...he either has community dick, or community hole (ass). Dudes who have over 20 videos across the internet of themselves fucking or getting fucked Raw, is a nasty motherfucker in my opinion - regardless of whether or not they are Charging people to view their whorish sessions. KeptSecret, KhiLavene, GlobalBros, etc., I would NOT want to stick my dick, tongue, or finger in or on anybody with that many bareback partners within a year. JMO. And quite frankly, I don't see anything they do that's worth wasting money to watch. But so many young guys today, wanna be on video fucking, stroking or seeing how far they can push the limit by taking risks sexually. Get a college degree instead!
bootylover843 - 1678 days ago
You are welcome