585 days ago
There are a lot of complaints that too many videos are private. It doesn't stop them from being deleted because if the producer sees the video they can tell me they want it taken down. By law I have to take it down. I would like to put a limit on the number of private videos in a single account. Maybe 10 or 20 private videos. Please add your comments below or HMU BBCMIAMI
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ZackyLobe555 - 388 days ago
No more private videos
Benz2015 - 392 days ago
No private vids
Roadkamalot - 398 days ago
No more private videos
Czaarr_ - 402 days ago
No private vids
wolf277 - 407 days ago
No private
wolf277 - 409 days ago
No private pls! :(
jj5535 - 413 days ago
No private videos, please, please, please!
Monie228 - 419 days ago
No private videos!.
king_s - 422 days ago
no private vids
syeone - 423 days ago
I post public vids, we should all just share.