585 days ago
There are a lot of complaints that too many videos are private. It doesn't stop them from being deleted because if the producer sees the video they can tell me they want it taken down. By law I have to take it down. I would like to put a limit on the number of private videos in a single account. Maybe 10 or 20 private videos. Please add your comments below or HMU BBCMIAMI
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masterblower45 - 562 days ago
that's a good Ideal
blackbullet_50 - 565 days ago
To many and it take to long for the person to approved
PAPI007 - 568 days ago
To many private videos. I agree! I have started to look elsewhere!
musclesinjersey - 570 days ago
yes i agree less private videos and also i dont understand why people keep hitting me up for a friend request? all my videos are public is rejecting them the right thing to do?
Vainwolf94 - 572 days ago
seamen88 - 573 days ago
I have unique hard to find videos and only people with the same type videos are allowed to view my videos I have tons more videos to share but if there's a limit then when I reach my private limit then I will stop posting videos all together which in a sense make my page special
bromance - 573 days ago
rhughes10 - 573 days ago
I agree and some of the best videos are private. That deflates my enthusiasm.
bromance - 574 days ago
I agree
carlosfrancoslp - 576 days ago
I agree