359 days ago
LOT of vids not playing here's why: Pornhub removes a majority of its videos after investigation reveals child abuse

Update: It should take about a week for the program we wrote to go through and turn off all the affected videos. By Saturday Dec 26 day after Christmas the job should be complete.

Many videos are not working because Pornhub and many other tube sites are removing non-verified content. That means only verified amateurs and other verified partners will be the only videos that can be grabbed going forward. For example Pornhub previously had over 13 million videos to choose from they are now down to 3 million. Until we can go through each video upload many videos will display as not available. Thank you for your patience as we try to remove them all! 

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Sex__Godd - 225 days ago
Yeaaaaah, imma stop using this site. 80% of the videos ain’t got no source and won’t play. Shit is trash now.