375 days ago
I'm working on being able to grab twitter videos to B2. The catch is you have to have a twitter and be logged in or the twitter vids won't play. I'm checking to see if users want twitter vids on B2 or not. Let me know if you got a twitter account or would get one to view the twitter videos.

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blklaboi - 36 days ago
yes i have a twitter account
cruciate25 - 52 days ago
Yes! I do have a Twitter account. Thank you for all your hard work.
rob394 - 54 days ago
yes i have a twitter account
versetranny - 61 days ago
Yes n yes
Cmmattia69 - 124 days ago
yes I would love to see twitter videos .. 5+ more minutes would e great .. short vids are a tease ..
PrinceEnkilLee - 128 days ago
Uncut pnp slammers!
negrilbboy - 129 days ago
Not needed
BIGTOEADO - 135 days ago
Does anyone know where I can find a website for Gay Black Armpits Fetish? I've Googled myself silly and can't find any.
rodan - 150 days ago
Add me please
kooldlbro - 167 days ago
I want them to show