444 days ago
I'm working on being able to grab twitter videos to B2. The catch is you have to have a twitter and be logged in or the twitter vids won't play. I'm checking to see if users want twitter vids on B2 or not. Let me know if you got a twitter account or would get one to view the twitter videos.

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OJ10030 - 30 days ago
Hell yea
Pavilion1228 - 104 days ago
austinwatts8 - 147 days ago
Yes, I have a twitter account
Macmane - 237 days ago
Hell yeah
Lookin4Dick - 272 days ago
Twitter vids are nice but there should be separated category just for them because B2B use to be where you could go and see black dick and ass fucking, and get a good Jerk off. As hot as twitter vids are if they are only 2:20 sec or less how can you get a good jerk session. Just my opinion.
praiaramos - 313 days ago
mrbeau - 319 days ago
i have a twitter account. @eleven919 and this is a great idea
mr0505 - 357 days ago
I use like Twitter downloader apps from Google play or the App Store to rip from there. Don't know if the grab vid function works like that on this site, though its easy to link an open source app that does this with the video grabber on the site.
dixydog51 - 375 days ago
Oh crap. I just saw this was a long time ago. My bad. lol
dixydog51 - 375 days ago
I have a Twitter account, and I think this is a brilliant idea. Twitter @TheOneYouNeed28