591 days ago
I am testing the new email feature. It's like Craigslist. You don't know each other's real email. Only each others black2ube.com username.

The purpose is to be able to send each other email and not have to come to the website to check your messages or send messages.

Here is how it works

1) your email is username@black2ube.com so, for example, mine is bbcmiami@black2ube.com. THIS ONLY WORKS FOR USERS ON BLACK2UBE, NOWHERE ELSE!

2) In your user preferences you have to turn on Receive a copy of your inbox messages by Email

3) Make sure your email is correct or send me feedback or message me if you need to change/update your email addy

4) You might need to whitelist or check your spam folder for emails from another user

5) If you are blocked by another user your message will come back to you with an error.

6) If the user doesn't exist or has a bad email address your message will be returned to you with an error. There are a lot of users with bad email addresses so if you are emailing a user for the first time and his email is bad the message will bounce back to you.

7) You can't use more than 1 recipient and you can't use CC or BCC. You will get the email returned with an error.

8) Be patient there may be errors but hopefully nothing that I can't fix with quick feedback.

9) If you experience spamming let me know right away. That shouldn't happen as only users can email each other. Any fake user is automatically blocked. If a real user is spamming BLOCK THEM as the block feature is working now.

10) The formatting of the emails is a little funky right now. There appear to be extra line spaces in the emails. When returning a email you can delete parts of the quoted message if you like.

11) Your messages are still saved in your B2 inbox even if you chose to have email user pref Receive a copy of your inbox messages by Email on or off.

Good Luck testing
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