622 days ago
A lot of this site is designed for modern computers and web browsers. If you have an old version of windows internet explorer or apple computer, or old smartphone/tablet, things just might not work at all. If you are having trouble send me a message at BBCMIAMI or feedback. Copy and paste any errors you get and copy and paste the page link you are on.

If you send a request for help include the following info
your device type android, iphone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc
if laptop/desktop windows version, browser version, mac version
if you are behind a firewall make sure port 80, 81, 82 and 83 are open. You definitely will not see some of the videos if these are blocked


If you don't use one of these browsers you can forget viewing a lot of the videos or being able to click on friends requests links.

browsers that support html5 video player
chrome 4.0+
edge 9.0+
firefox 3.5+
safari 4.0+
opera 10.5+

I can't help you if you just say videos don't work. I won't respond if you don't read and follow the instructions above.

Samsung recently slipped in it's own browser to samsung galaxy phones and so you may have to install chrome to replace their browser for friends requests to work.

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private1nmd - 344 days ago
some of the new videos are not showing on my videos under my profile, but they are showing when I just look at videos

latdick - 398 days ago
Where I can find my favorites? I cannot find a link to view my favorites videos. "My profile, my videos, my photos, my blog, my feets; requests and inbox" i see, but where i find a button to view my favorites? Thnx
luvell - 502 days ago
Why can't you download the videos anymore
d33an - 503 days ago
Ever since the maintenance, I don't see any videos...
phattbutt2016 - 531 days ago
Hello..the vids r taken really long to load up...if at all please help
hotdik - 535 days ago
videos will not play and the site is saying videos willl not load plz help me
drastik48 - 582 days ago
Hi my problem is I used to be able to do a friend request but now I can't do a friend request anymore when I hit it nothing happens and I'm using a Galaxy S4 phone Android system
bbcmiami - 589 days ago
friends request not working often means that javascript is turned off and you have to turn it on for your device or your browser is not a recent version of chrome, safari or firefox. Samsung recently slipped in it's own browser to samsung galaxy phones and so you have to install chrome to replace their browser.

bbcmiami - 589 days ago
With private videos there is a message at the top of the page, if you are not friends with them, with a link to the profile of the user. click on that link and you will see a link in their profile for a friend request.

you can also go to


and search on type = pubic videos to avoid the private vids.

Willowtree - 589 days ago
Can someone help me with this website. I see many videos that are marked private with the suggestion to make a friends request. How do you make a friend request. The web site is poorly designed. How do you make a friend request?