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6282 views · 2264 days ago

Your going to love Raw Jamaican. Str8 Jamaican men in the Raw. Forget what you heard bout Jamaica; the men are blessed with more where it counts.

5986 views · 2769 days ago

I'm a white boy who gets turned on by domination sometimes. especially ballbusting. seeing a dominate black thug kicking some jock white boy in the junk hard turns me on. would like to see more of that.punch, kick, knee, squeeze those white orbs good.

3333 views · 3305 days ago

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1904 views · 2368 days ago

if you like my face and/or wanna' see it covered with cum,let me know :)

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It is summer 1976, and tonight is my first night out alone in the big city.

Coming from a small town in a small state in a small part of the country, I'd heard stories about the forwardness of the men in the gym I coincidentally purchased a membership (ok, maybe not a coincidence)for. I would stroll in about two a.m. and plan my full body work out for the next two hours without having touched a single dumbbell.

My attention is focused on the men's locker room, in particular the showers that seem to have a steady flow of the most chocolate brothers I have ever seen gathered in one place without the police and riot gear.
"I am in heaven" I think to myself as I continue to eye the entry to the locker room.

Fear seems to have welded my feet firmly to my position and the weight I've been holding as a prop to my hand. Suddenly, there is a voice over the P.A. system.

"attention members, the gym will be closing for one hour clean up and maintenance. We ask that all members use this remaining time to finish all activities".

"how long have I been standing here"? I look down at my watch in shock
The entrance to the locker room area suddenly bursts with activity. I look for an opening in the stream of brothers heading towards the entrance and casually slipped in line behind this perfectly sculpted black back. The beads of sweat were clearly visible evidence of his time spent here at the gym and of all the guys in line for the shower; HE was the one I wanted.

It is summer 1976, and I am the hunter!

1136 views · 610 days ago

When I watch BBC porn I have a habit of being verbal with the videos...I always get turned on when I say things like "he's fuckin bone" or "look at his bone" or "that's a big ass bone" Does anyone else do this? Or like it? This my first blog 2 so any suggestions would b fine?

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