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Adult Star Chase Coxx Speaks On #GAYVN #BestEthnicScene Controversy!

Are Gay Porn Award Shows With “Ethnic” Categories Racist?

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BLKDOMTOP2 - 234 days ago
It's not just the award shows, but thousands of websites are also racist and very derogatory in their categorization, descriptions, titles, and ratings of "ethnic" scenes. I surf the net a lot and have come across many sites who either does not have a "Black" or "Latino" category to choose videos from OR, they have lumped all of the interracial videos as "Black", knowing that interracial scenes usually have one black guy in it, or even worse, some mixed black guy. It's as if they are purposely trying to relabel what is considered "Black Porn" and if it doesn't have some white guy worshipping a BBC, then to them it's not "Black." It's getting to the point where the only place to find Black Porn, is on Black Websites only. There are only a few major sites left that actually have scenes that feature all Black guys, or all Latinos, or all Asians.