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47 days ago
We are testing a new video grabber feature that can grab videos from the websites below to your account on B2. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

It's not 100% perfect but if you are adventurous and want test it, message me and I will enable the feature on your account. So far xtube, pornhub, and youtube(without video ads) works.
47 days ago
Blogs are turned back on. They were off due to spammers taking it over. Hopefully, the problem is fixed and spammers are blocked. Enjoy and feel free to send feedback Feedback 
49 days ago
This site uses the html5 video player, extensively. It's the player you see on mobile phones that both iphones and android phones use. Not all browsers support that player so click on the link to see if you are using the correct browser to view these types of videos.

browsers that support html5 video player
chrome 4.0+
edge 9.0+
firefox 3.5+
safari 4.0+
opera 10.5+