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I have been running black2ube for years out of my own pocket(about $400/mo) but I have run out of server space and can't upgrade without your help. I have also been paying guys in Miami to make videos with me that I will post on my bbcmiami11 account. You can view a lot of my videos on my bbcmiami account right now. I decided to ask for paypal donations to see if anyone will step up to keep the site going. If not, I would have to delete a lot of videos to make space for more vids or stop allowing uploads. I don't make money from ads because I refuse to have a million popups, which are very annoying.

I created premium accounts for anyone who makes a donation. The premium account will allow you to see my full length private videos that I will begin posting on this account bbcmiami11 plus you can see all videos, public and private without a friend request! It's not much but I am trying to keep a good thing going ;-)

Any small paypal donation from $3 and higher will get you a premium account for 1 year. If you sponsor a model for me to have them do a jack off vid or fuck vid with me for $50 you get a lifetime premium account. No matter what, if you already have a premium account I still could use donations. Believe it or not you are even helping out my Miami fuck buddies. For a lot of the guys I hang out with your sponsorship is extra money they can use as well. I usually help them out of my own pocket but often they are down to make vids with me for no money, just to have some fun and get some sexual release LOL. I give them sumptin just because I know everyone needs help these days. Also if you donate I will make your wildest dreams come true ;-)

If you are down to help, Click any link to go to your paypal account.
Paypal Donate $3
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Paypal Donate $50 to sponsor a trade boi to make a vid exclusive to B2
Paypal donate any amount

Thanks, Your friend

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Has a guy ever given you mixed signals? One minute he’s crazy about you and the next minute you have no clue if he ever wants to see you again? And it’s especially hard when there’s something special between you and you have no idea what went wrong. I assure you it’s nothing that you did. In fact, he may even care about you a great deal and still not be able to stop himself from acting this way. But why does this happen? There’s one BIG reason why men do this. It all comes down to a missing “secret ingredient” that not one in a thousand men knows about. And it’s the biggest factor that determines whether a man just “likes” you...or if he sees you as “The One.” You see, this “secret ingredient” is so important to a man that no matter how attracted to you he is, or how strong your chemistry is…If it’s missing, he’ll never be able to truly give his heart to you...And he will always have an unshakeable urge to seek out a man who has this one “secret ingredient.” On the other hand, when you know this powerful “secret ingredient” won’t believe how effortless, passionate and bulletproof your relationship can be. This secret ingredient is your man Hero Instinct. Most men are driven by the need to be needed. If you confide in your man about an issue only he can solve, will open his mind, heart and his heroic instinct to help you. The more you stroke your man Hero Instinct the more he will fall in love with you. Trust me, this is going to blow you away.

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is anyone else have trouble watching videos

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any of you niggas get freaky on KIK -@GoodmeatDoe or Twitter @DaoneDeyHate

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Please report any problems you are having to or use the support/feedback link at the top of this page and we will try to resolve.

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Go check out the next big thing in Gay Social Networking. Check out today and spread the word. 200/less character for status updates. FB style profiles....and more.

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I need some ass and some dick. But u gotta look rite! And u gotta work for it, man handle me :) Rough me up a lil...HMU!

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Why do the videos not play anymore?

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I fantasize about suckin' big black cock...I want to feel a buddy's fat cock and ballz danglin' in my face...I wanna lick 'n suck a huge uncut mutha fukr...

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Once I fill everything out the upload process isn't loading. Help please!!!