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When I watch BBC porn I have a habit of being verbal with the videos...I always get turned on when I say things like "he's fuckin bone" or "look at his bone" or "that's a big ass bone" Does anyone else do this? Or like it? This my first blog 2 so any suggestions would b fine?

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Blkcocklovr - 183 days ago
I tell em "you got a big dick bro" or "look at hard your pecker is" or if outside "your johnsons hanging out"
marcusllyd - 184 days ago
lol. i always talk to the top, tellin him how beautiful his dick is
bonerman - 193 days ago
I'm always talking trash to these faggots in the vids...lol,,,
niggazboy - 210 days ago
LOL Yeah, I talk to the videos too. I'm the bottom.