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Once I fill everything out the upload process isn't loading. Help please!!!

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BLKDOMTOP2 - 208 days ago
You have to allow the uploaded file to completely upload first before you click out of the uploading screen. Make sure all of your entries in each section is filled out beyond the minimum characters allowed, or your video will not begin to upload. Your title can't be too short, you have to include a few tags, a description, etc. When your video is processing, you will receive a GREEN BANNER near the top of your page, saying "thank you.....your video "...."..is...". Make sure your videos are compatible and not too large. The longer length vids take longer to upload than the shorter lengthed ones.
MrB - 268 days ago
If you just leave the window open it should auto update with a message like thank you for uploading but it may take while.